[SPECIAL Hall Night Talk – Timothy Yu]

[SPECIAL Hall Night Talk – Timothy Yu]

The 5th talk of the SPECIAL Night Talk held by HSBC Prosperity Hall invited Timothy Yu, a 27-year-old entrepreneur who founded SnapAsk, a hundred-million-dollar business. The presence of Timothy himself has attracted a lot of people to come. At the end of the talk, MFH-B was packed with people. It was a full house!

The one thing Timothy taught us was that for change to happen, one shouldn’t just wait for it, but should go ahead and do it. Timothy started off as a private tutor, tutoring 3 to 4 students a week. The tutoring took up most of his time and he felt that he didn’t have enough time for himself. He wanted a change, so he gathered his friends and asked them to put money to rent a space in Fortress Hill. He built a tutoring center and ended up tutoring about 50 to 60 students a week. It still took as much time, but he earned more money.

Through his tutoring experience, Timothy understood the importance of one-to-one tutoring. Students can understand even better when the teacher’s focus is all to the student. This sparked the idea of creating a platform that provides this one-to-one tutoring experience.

Being a financial risk management major, Timothy understood nothing about coding nor programming and he needed a lot of help to be able to realize his initial idea. He first started off with a simple Facebook page, and once he saw that people responded to his idea, he used this validation to then create a website. The road to success wasn’t always smooth. There was always that fear of failure and it wasn’t an easy job to pitch investors to invest in his business. But Timothy persevered, and was passionate about what he did. He deeply believed in quality education.

At the beginning of his startup, he heavily relied on part-time engineers and programmers. What he searched in his employees, apart from their skills, are their work attitude. He wants ‘doers’; people who do not back down from challenges just because a new idea is far from the norm we are used to. This is exactly what we need more in our society—doers who want to make a change.

A few residents were asked to describe their experience:

How did this talk inspire you?

“I try to be more well-rounded in all areas. It’s good to be an expertise in your area, but also open your eyes and be keen to learn everything in other areas.”

–   Gao YA, HSBC Prosperity Hall, Year 2, Creative Media, Mainland China

“You can achieve anything if you really put your mind into it. Timothy is a very young entrepreneur. He started off at our age! He also wasn’t a computer science student, but he ended up being the founder of a mobile application company. It made me realize that you don’t have to be an expertise in a certain field to be able to succeed in that area.”

–   Chan Ho SHING, HSBC Prosperity Hall, Year 4, School of Law, Hong Kong

How important do you think is IT in our daily life?

“The presence of mobile application has really sunk into our life. We study and workout with the help of mobile apps. It has become a habit and made everything more convenient and easier.”

–   Vipul AGARWAL, HSBC Prosperity Hall, Year 3, Environmental Science, India

Based on the testimonies of our resident, it is apparent that the talk was a huge success. Let’s look forward to the next SPECIAL Hall Night Talk!

Writer: Natasya Viona CHANDRA (Jockey Club Harmony Hall, Hall 7)


[CityU Yoga Day]

[CityU Yoga Day]

Writer: Natasya Viona CHANDRA (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)

On the 6th of November, the Student Residence once again held its annual CityU Yoga Day since the previous one was a total success and a hit amongst the students. What better way to commemorate the end of midterms than a day of yoga?

Mr Puneet Agrawal (Consul-General of India to Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR), Dr David Cheng (Associate Vice-President, Global Services), Mr Yogaraj C.P (Founder and director, Prana Yoga and Yoga Guru in Residence) and a few other officiating guests started off the event by doing “jal-anjali”, a ritual that symbolizes the cleaning and purification of earth.

After an opening speech was made by Mr. Puneet Agrawal, followed by a vote of thanks by Dr. David Cheng, Mr. Yogaraj amazed us all by his yoga art demonstration with his yoga partner, Coffee Lam. Mr. Yogaraj C.P is a Guinness book record holder so his performance left us holding our breath, constantly fascinated and in awe. It was a performance of many shapes; yoga poses that require flexibility and strength that one can master only through sweat, effort and time.

The mass yoga practice started shortly afterward and the team of Prana Yogam instructors dispersed around the area to help students perfect their pose. It was a very relaxing session as the wind blew softly on our face and the relaxing voice of Mr. Yogaraj released any leftover tension in our body. Personally, the best part was when he told us to lie our back and close our eyes. I could hear the birds chirping and the rustle of leaves. It was the best remedy to de-stress.

The event, once again, was a huge success. A few residents were asked to describe their experience:

How did you benefit from this event?

“It was a short session but I feel healthier after doing yoga. The free energy drink kept me hydrated the whole time too! It feels nice to have an off day to practice yoga and not think about the incoming deadlines.”

–   Adelina TJOKRONEGORO, Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall, Year 3 Finance, Indonesia

“I benefitted a lot from this event, both mentally and physically. The weather was perfect for doing yoga. Many people were doing the same thing so I don’t feel awkward at all. Mr. Yogaraj was humorous too! Everyone laughed and that made me feel happy.”

–   Yao Lun SHIH, Jockey Club Academy Hall, Year 4 Finance, Taiwan


Do you think this event will encourage you to do yoga in the future?

“Yes! I’ve been doing yoga since secondary school, and the habit caught on till now.”

–   Briggita Melvina WINATA, Lee Shau Kee Hall, Year 3 Finance, Indonesia

“No. I have tried yoga before, but I am not really interested in doing it in the future.”

–   Tan Yi CHEUNG, Jockey Club Humanity Hall, Year 1 Management Science, Hong Kong


How do you feel about the whole event?

“The whole event was marvelous. The Kishinchand Chellaram Foundation and Cultural and Sports Committee of CityU were of great support and sponsored the yoga mats for the participants. We are also thankful for Mr. Yogaraj and his team of coaches for coming to help and facilitate the whole event. This year’s event is definitely better than the last because every student got goody bags as well! Everything is well.”

–   Dr. David CHENG, Associate Vice President, Global Services, CityU